Lego King joined Tim's site and was very eager to play LU again. He doesn't have much access to play LU since he has a mac but he is patient on a time when his windows virtual machine will work again. After seeing the fight of Tim vs Raffa he chose both but mainly Raffa. Edit

Lego king Has created the LU time capsule which is just a simple folder with all of the LU files and will be buried on a usb flash drive when the versions hit 1.0. He also is also working on a LUNI app for smart phones like iPhone and android. With his first versions of the time capsule he also made LUNI Launcher concepts which looked like the original LU launcher. Lego King is coding his first project of Lego Universe mac. He is attempting to try to use Cider or wine to change the client to stop heavy coding. In his spare time he learns C++ to help contribute to the project. He uploads some videos on his youtube channel Legoguyiscool and his recent ones are about LUNI. Edit

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